Gold & Silver in upcoming Auction

Roxbury's Auction House will have a good selection of Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns & large natural Gold Nugget in our next Auction Saturday 11th October 2014 Catalogue Available NOW  at www.roxburys.com Also Included: £20 1913 Collins/Allen R36c 1914 Collins/Allen Suffix U - Ex Deutcher Collection R55 1927 Riddle/Heathershaw £10 Unc RARE R57 1934 Riddle /Sheehan £10 Pair Unc R45 1939 Sheehan/McFarlane £5 Trio Unc 1852 Adelaide Pound, Type 2 1930 … [Read more...]

Fed Decision Sends Gold Up Sharply

By Harry Miller, Numismatic News -  September 23, 2013 Since last week, fear indeed did affect precious metals, causing a sharp decline. After gold tested and traded just below the $1,300 barrier along came the Fed deciding the economy is not strong enough to withstand a cutback in its $85 billion monthly bond purchasing. Immediately precious metals jumped with gold rallying from being down nearly $10 on the day to up almost $60. Did I say “Immediately”? Well let me state that differently. … [Read more...]

If you don’t own silver already, get some soon – Dan Denning’s

Dan Denning’s analysis: Daily Reckoning Editor Dan Denning’s analysis is correct, silver is about to enter the next phase of a major bull market that could see it quickly fly up to US$100/oz. But this is about more than just capitalising on an urgent buying opportunity... Why silver could be the investment of the next five years... why you should invest now... why you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t. Get your hands on physical silver before roaring demand shuts down the market to … [Read more...]