If you don’t own silver already, get some soon – Dan Denning’s

Dan Denning’s analysis:

Daily Reckoning Editor Dan Denning’s analysis is correct, silver is about to enter the next phase of a major bull market that could see it quickly fly up to US$100/oz. But this is about more than just capitalising on an urgent buying opportunity…

Why silver could be the investment of the next five years… why you should invest now… why you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t. Get your hands on physical silver before roaring demand shuts down the market to private investors:

  • PROFIT: Renowned analysts – including Eric Sprott – are calling this ‘the decade of silver’ – and why you should invest before the metal crashes through US$100oz – a 250% rise from today’s prices
  • PROTECT: Why silver often rises in times of stock market turmoil – and why buying the metal now could be the perfect ‘store-of-value’ investment to protect your capital against further falls in the stock market. You can’t argue with history
  • PRESERVE: In an environment of falling interest rates – how can savers preserve wealth they’ve spent decades accumulating? If you’re fed up of being punished for ‘doing the right thing’, listen up: silver can help you protect the value of your savings against inflation and falling interest rates

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Silver In 2012”

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